Welcome to the Greenlawn Civic Association

Mission Statement

The Greenlawn Civic Association’s mission is to promote citizenship and continue to make Greenlawn a safe, clean, beautiful, and fun place to live.

The Greenlawn Civic Association (GCA) is a group of volunteers working together to improve the community.  Founded in 1990, the GCA works with town and county officials on behalf of the community to improve quality of life in the Greenlawn area.  The GCA has provided and contributed to many neighborhood enhancements over the years.  Through grants, it has purchased and installed the historic lights throughout town.  The municipal parking lot and the Value Drugs parking lot have been redesigned and upgraded through the efforts of the GCA. In addition, the Veterans Memorial Park and Ridley Park were built through the leadership of the GCA. 

GCA dues have helped to purchase, improve, and maintain shared community resources:

  • Holiday decorations, flower boxes, hanging baskets, and annual plantings
  • Plants for public gardens on Broadway
  • American flags for display during national holidays and parades
  • Park benches, trash bins, the community bulletin board, and the “Welcome to Greenlawn” sign (with the Lions Club)

Some of the GCA’s regular activities include:

  • Painting and maintaining benches, flower boxes, trash receptacles, antique street lighting, and the bulletin board
  • Planting, weeding, and watering the flowers in the flower boxes and the gardens
  • Clean-up of debris and litter throughout the village

Annual events include:  

  • Earth Day Clean Up
  • Holiday Parade
  • Menorah and Christmas Tree Lighting

Greenlawn Civic Association
P.O. Box 332
Greenlawn, NY 11740