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More than 35 businesses, neighborhood residents, community members and town representatives volunteer on one or more of our committees or project teams.

We are always looking for interested people, organizations or companies who want to get more involved with the Greenlawn Civic Association. We invite you to review the committee and team descriptions below and email the chair for more information OR check out our Events page and just join in the next committee meeting. 

Thanks in advance for your support and interest.  We look forward to seeing you soon!

Beautification Committee

Chair: Margaret Staib,

Description: The Beautification Committee is responsible for the planting and maintenance (weeding, watering, etc.) of the hamlet's garden beds, planters and hanging baskets. 

Volunteer Needs: We need volunteers for garden planting and maintenance (from spring planning and planting through fall clean up).  See the Events page for the next Beautification meeting.  

Email Margaret if you are interested in volunteering or if you have questions or comments regarding the beautification efforts of the GCA.

Community Outreach Committee

Co-chairpersons: Aaron Rathbun

Description: The Community Outreach Committee liaises between organizations and GCA Committees, matching organizational expertise with GCA efforts and community needs.  For example, Eagle Scouts are linked with the Beautification Committee on projects to create new LIRR and "Welcome to Greenlawn" signs.  In October 2017, the Community Outreach Community held the first Greenlawn Community Day.

Volunteer Needs:  The committee needs three to four volunteers to liaise with local organizations. 

Email Aaron join this committee.  

Earth Day Committee

Chair: Open

Description: The Earth Day Committee coordinates the annual April Earth Day clean up and spruce up.  We also coordinate with organizations (Boy Scouts, Teen Connect, etc.) to periodically clean up trash along Broadway.  The periodic clean up is particularly important just prior to and after parades and other events.  

Volunteer Needs: The chairperson post is currently open.  Earth Day needs a chairperson and three to four volunteers to help coordinate efforts. We also need help in the periodic clean ups and the annual Earth Day planning and implementation.  

Email Dick Holmes, GCA president, to chair or join this committee. 

Events Committee

Chair: Rachael Risinger, Jennifer Rogdakis

Description: The Events Committee plans, coordinates and hosts enjoyable occasions for the Greenlawn community to get together, socialize and raise funds for GCA projects.  Recent events include the Longest Table 2017 (in conjunction with Friends of the Library) and the Holiday Wreath Fundraiser 2017.

Volunteer Needs: The committee needs three to four volunteers to help plan and host events.  

Email Rachael or Jennifer, to join this committee. 

Flags Committee

Chair: Jane Irving,

Description: The Flags Committee is responsible for the care, maintenance and display of American flags in Greeenlawn.  We set out and display the American flags along Broadway on days of national celebration or commemoration and we remove them in a timely manner.   We also maintain two flag poles with outdoor American flags (one is located at the “Welcome to Greenlawn” sign at Pulaski and Broadway and the other is at the Boulevard Ave entrance to the LIRR parking lot). 

Email Jane Irving if you have questions or comments regarding the display of American flags in Greenlawn.

Holiday Committee

Chair: Kevin Smith,

Description: The 'Meet At The Tree' Holiday Committee works with a number of organizations and businesses in town to prepare for and host Greenlawn's annual December holiday celebration. The celebration includes singing holiday songs, a visit from Santa and the Christmas Tree and Menorah lightings.  The celebration also hosts a donation table for the Harborfields Alliance for Community Outreach (HACO) where non-perishable goods and unwrapped toys are collected. 

Volunteer Needs:  We need volunteers from October through December
1) Coordinators for the following: Holiday lighting, HF Chorus, Santa arrival, Menorah & creche displays
2) Fundraising for wreaths, songbooks, flashlights, etc
3) Logistics Lead (police, crowd control, clean up)
4) Communications Lead (communication and
invites to local politicians)

Attend one of our meetings or email Kevin of you are interested in volunteering your time for this fun and heartwarming holiday event.

Membership Committee

Chair: Susan Trottere,

Description: The Membership Committee is responsible for recruiting individual and business members, managing renewal communications and maintaining records and contact information of current members. In addition to developing and overseeing membership recruitment and retention programs,  we monitor membership statistics, composition and trends as well as coordinate with other committees to implement organized membership drives.

Next Initiative: Membership Drive (Jan/Feb 2018)

Volunteer Needs: We are seeking volunteers with an interest/experience in membership recruitment, fundraising, marketing, data management and communications to join and contribute to our group.

Email Susan if you are interested in joining or volunteering your skills for this committee!

Photogrpahy Committee

Co-chairpersons: Open

Description: The Photography Committee is responsible for taking photos at GCA events as well as Greenlawn at large and posting to the appropriate online channels. We work in tandem with the Online Communications Committee to support all GCA communication photography needs.

Volunteer Needs: This committee actively seeks volunteers to photograph and/or submit photographs of Greenlawn and the surrounding areas.  

 Email Dick Holmes if you are interested in joining this committee.

Preservation Committee

Co- Chairpersons:  Kevin Smith,  | Jane Irving,

Description: The Preservation Committee was formed on the issue of the possible sale of Pickle Park by the Harborfields Central School District to a real estate developer (2014). We have since expanded to influence the preservation of parks, open land and items of historic community interest in the Greenlawn area.  We believe the residents should have input in shaping the community where we live.

Volunteer Needs: Preservation is seeking legal and real estate expertise.   We also need volunteers for general coordination and support at routine Harborfields Board of Education and Town of Huntington meetings.

Current Initiatives: Pickle Park (2014 - to date); Tilden Farm Development Rights Purchase (2015 - to date); BAE property sale (2015)

Email Kevin or Jane if you have preservation related questions or are interested in joining or volunteering on this committee.

Social Media and Website Committee

Chair: Jane M. Evancie,

Description: The Social Media and Website Committee is responsible for the technology and content of the Greenlawn Civic Association's website and social media presence. The committee maintains and enhances our website, as well as  our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook pages. More broadly, we promote Internet-based materials and resources to showcase the GCA projects, activities and accomplishments and to publicize the volunteer needs to our members and the community.

Volunteer Needs: We need volunteers with an interest in on-line communications, design, html/css skills, copy writing, media and marketing to join and contribute to our group.

Email Jane if you are interested in helping us with our website, Twitter,  Facebook, Instagram or other media.

Traffic & Safety Committee

Chair: Robert

Description: Traffic and Safety helps the Greenlawn Community (in particular the Central Business District (CBD) of Greenlawn) with improvements and continued safety for the streets, traffic flow and pedestrians. We take an active role in assessing areas or situations for safety, as well as listening and responding to requests/concerns from the Community, such as vehicles driving safely/speeding through neighborhoods, crosswalks, pavement markings are visible and reporting dangerous or concerning situations to Town, County and/or authorities. We communicate directly with the local Legislator, Suffolk County and Town of Huntington Officials. 

Volunteer Needs: This committee actively seeks volunteers to assist with meetings and communications between residents and town and county officials.  

Current Initiative:  Vehicle and pedestrian safety at the Greenlawn Road/Smith St five point intersection. 

Completed Initiative: Traffic Calming Project to reduce lane widths and add crosswalks in Greenlawn's CBD.  

Email Heather if you are interested in joining or volunteering your time to this committee.

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