Pickle Park Project

Goal and Summary


To have the Harborfields School District and the Town of Huntington enter into a 15 year long term supervision agreement for the school district property known as Pickle Park. The property would stay school district owned and town maintained. 


Since 1972 when Broadway School closed, the playground has been used as a public park. 

Over the years the Town of Huntington has replaced and installed new equipment in the park, then the Harborfields Public Library did the same in 2000 after a public referendum from the Harborfields School District to give the Library District 65'x12' of the property so the library could complete and expand their parking lot for patrons. 

Through the years the public has continued to use and enjoy this public space in many ways. In the open field there are pick up football games, Frisbee playing, young children running safely within the fenced boundaries. 

As the Harborfields School District and the Town of Huntington continue their negotiations we hope there will be a resolution to protect this park. 

The current plan - 2015 - is to make Pickle Park ADA accessible- so ALL children and community members can enjoy this lovely community park!



Pickle Park has a long history in Greenlawn and Harborfields with strong ties to the community. With a history dating back to 1924 the story of this park is captivating. Learn more >

Project Schedule

Planning: 2014/2015

Implementation: TBD

Completion: TBD

Project Update

October 2015: The school Bond passed and $190K is earmarked for Pickle Park.

Community Participation

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Please contact us if you are interested in volunteering your time to  support the project -or- have any questions, recommendation or comments.

All of our project meetings are open to the public so please check out events page for info on our next meeting  - we hope to see you there!


Email the Town of Huntington & BOE

Urge them to work together to PRESERVE THE PARK in PERPETUITY.

Click here to email all Town and School officials at once.

Town of Huntington Board

  • Hon. Frank P. Petrone, Supervisor
Be sure to cc: Jo-Ann Raia, Town Clerk, at jraia@huntingtonny.gov - this makes your letter an official recorded document!

Environmental Open Space and Park Fund Review


Harborfields Board of Education

Diana Todaro, Superintendent of Schools 
Dr. Thomas McDonagh, President
Donald W. Mastroianni, Vice President
Irene Gaughan, Board Member
Nicholas P. Giuliano, Board Member
Hansen Lee, Board Member

Suzie Lustig, Board Member

David Steinberg, Board Member

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