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Next General GCA Meeting

There is no July 2018 meeting. 

The next General GCA Meeting is August 7th (7 PM) at the Harborfields Library.

Registration begins May 1st.   

See the Event Calendar for registration forms and links. 

Greetings neighbors,

Due to scheduling conflicts our November general meeting will be on Tuesday November 15th, 7pm (this Tuesday). The Community Watch will be Wednesday November 16th, 7pm (the day after our general meeting).  The tree lighting on Sunday December 4, 3:45-5:30pm and our 2017 Membership Drive is about to begin.

We hope you can make some of these events and I look forward to seeing you soon.

Your friend,


A Message from Darryl ~ October 11, 2016

Greetings friends, 

On behalf of the GCA Board, I want to extend our sincere apologies to our Jewish members and neighbors for planning and having this monthly meeting on one of the holiest evenings of the year, Yom Kippur. 

It was an oversight in our hasty attempts to secure a large enough space on a Tuesday night in the Library. Now we realize this carelessness seems uncaring and disrespectful. As the GCA President I take full responsibility for this and I am deeply sorry. I hope you had an easy fast as well as a relaxing and peaceful time with your family. 

G'mar Tov, 

As always, 

your friend, 


VA Clean Up ~ October 22nd

October 11th Meeting Announcement

Greetings neighbors,

I hope you have had both an exciting and invigorating summer and are ready to kick off the fall festivities with gusto! We will be having our next GCA meeting on Tuesday, October 11th at 7:00 PM in the large community room of the Harborfields Library.

We have much to discuss at this meeting as there will be an opportunity to review all that the GCA has accomplished over the summer (starting with the Father's Day Whiffle Ball Tournament and concluding with the Longest Table) and what we plan to do moving forward (like the fall cleanup at the VA, exploring a community watch, coordinating with the school districts to involve the youth of the community in the Civic Association, a trivia night and the holiday celebration in December to mention a few). As you can probably see, with all these activities there are plenty of opportunities for you to get involved.

In closing, during the month of August the Civic Association had a community meeting in response to a terrible tragedy that occurred in our town. The turnout was inspiring. The prevailing question among the 100 plus in attendance was what could we do to reduce and prevent future tragedies from recurring. An important part to that answer is simple: get involved. The Greenlawn Civic Association provides a meaningful opportunity for you to participate. The GCA leadership encourages greater involvement from the community and it is our hope that we will see many of you on October 11th at 7:00 PM. Until then, have a good weekend.

As always, your friend,



Please make sure if you attend the meeting that you bring a donation for HACO.

Stop by the GCA Table at A Taste of Harborfields

Green Cactus is Our Sponsored Restaurant

August 30th Meeting Follow-Up from Darryl

August 31, 2016

Greetings neighbors,

 Last night we came together to discuss the recent tragic events that  led to the loss of two young men from our town-Estiven Abrego Gomez  and Antonine Butts-Miller (I ask that you keep them and their families  in your thoughts and prayers).

 Deputy Inspector McCormack, Officer Ferrara and Officer Wendt were on  hand to provide what little information they were permitted to share  with the community as this is an active and ongoing investigation. It  is important to appreciate their hard work as well as recognize if  there are neighbors who may have information that could aid and assist  in their efforts, which could expedite the investigation to please share this with the authorities.

 The purpose for this meeting was not only to share information, but to  also provide our community the opportunity to come together and begin  the necessary healing process. In my humble opinion, I believe an  integral part of the healing involves community members uniting,  participating in the solution, and become active.

 The Greenlawn Civic Association is one of the many ways for you to  become involved. I encourage you all to join us in our effort to  fulfill our civic responsibilities of working to make our town the best it can be.

 It was asked last night, what can we do to maintain this momentum, to  keep all these individuals engaged (there were over one hundred people  in attendance at the meeting) the answer may seem contrived, but I  promise you, I deeply believe this is the truth, we must come  together, YOU must become involved. Next Tuesday, we will have our  general meeting, I request your presence there, if you are serious  about resolving some of our problems, this is the first step to be  taken. I will also (along with a number of our GCA leaders and active  members) be marching in the Fireman's fair, if you would like to seek  me out, to talk more about moving forward I will make myself available.

 In closing, I would like to share with you the words of Margaret  Meade, which have often been quoted: "Never doubt that a small group  of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." From tragedy can come goodness,  blessings and love. I make this solemn pledge to you, I will work  tirelessly toward this seemingly elusive outcome and I will not rest  until we have peace and joy in our community.  I am here for you.

  Your friend,


 President, GCA

A Message from Darryl 

August 24, 2016

Greetings friends,

Our community has experienced a terrible tragedy. This past weekend a body was found in the tri-village park. It is difficult to process this tragic event. There is sadness, confusion, and fear. Many of us have gone from shock to anger, asking ourselves, how could this have happened in our town? The answer to this question is something that will only be reached collectively: family, neighbors, friends, law enforcement, civic leaders, educators, the youth, all of us must come together to find the answer to this question, so we can do all that is in our power to not only ensure it will never happen again, but that the necessary healing takes place.

The opportunity for us to come together and begin the work of healing, finding answers and constructing a solution will be on August 30th Tuesday, at 7:00 PM in the Large Meeting room in Harborfields Library. I have invited Officer Ferrara and the Deputy Inspector from the Second Precinct. I encourage you all to attend this meeting as it will not only be an informative session, but a cathartic communal gathering for Greenlawn. Please know, you are all in my thoughts. We will come through this tragedy stronger and more united.

As always, your friend,


A Message from Darryl

Community Watch Meeting - June 29 - 7:00 p.m.

Greetings neighbors,

As we gear up for what I am certain will be a wonderful summer it is important that the community take precautions to ensure that it is also a safe vacation and that we look out for each other. In this vein, the GCA has arranged for the Second Precinct to present at Harborfields Library Community Room at 7:00 PM on June 29th.

This is in following with what a number of community members had requested, as there was an expressed interest in discussing the option of organizing a community watch for Greenlawn.

Suffolk County Police Officer Ferrara will not only be discussing what a community watch would entail, but also what we can do in our community to take preventative measures that will help to cultivate safety and deter crime in our neighborhoods.

I hope to see you all there.

Your friend,

Darryl St. George

Greenlawn Civic President

PDF Application: 2016_wiffle ball - legal.pdf

Memorial Day Wreath Laying

Memorial Park ~~ 9:30 a.m.

The Memorial Day Parade is cancelled due to weather, but the wreath laying is still scheduled for 9:30 today, May 30th.

Memorial Day Message from Darryl St. George, GCA President

       Memorial Day was first observed in 1868 to honor the sacrifices of those who fought during the Civil War.  The graves of Union and Confederate soldiers were decorated with flowers and wreaths by a thankful and mournful nation.  In 1868, our country—still divided in many ways, and still recovering from the war—came together to grieve and to remember the supreme sacrifice given by its sons.

       As a community we have come together before. We came together to remember the men who fought to keep our nation whole.  We came together to evoke the memories of those who went to France to ensure that democracy would prevail during the Great War.  We came together to honor those who were responsible for the defeat of fascism, and the liberation of millions in Europe and Asia.  We came together to honor those who died in Korea, and those whom we lost in Vietnam.

       We remember vividly that terrible day in September. We remember the years that followed: Afghanistan. Iraq. We remember all those who have gone since.  A bright future beckoned them, but they chose to surrender their hopes and lives for us. We know that their patriotism is immortal, their love unconditional.

       I grew up in a house where the value of such sacrifice was always stressed to me. My father served as a Marine during Vietnam. Both my grandfathers served in the Marine Corps during World War II, and my great-grandfather served in the First World War. It was through their example that I was inspired to enlist in the United States Navy. I deployed to the battlefields of Afghanistan, and it was there that I witnessed incredible acts of bravery, compassion, and honor in the face of unspeakable evil. It is difficult at times to make sense of it, and to understand why… why I am here and others are not… why some of my friends did not return whole—physically, mentally, spiritually—and I came back okay. I ask myself why, but then I look at our community. I see loving families. I hear the laughter of friends. I walk through Greenlawn and I remember what sustained me during the hard times over there

       Today we honor those who loved their country so much that they accepted death so that others could enjoy life. Over 150 years ago, President Lincoln told an audience at Gettysburg that the struggle was not over, the task was not complete.  That every man, woman, and child needed to remember “that from these honored dead we take increased devotion to that cause for which they gave the last full measure of devotion—that we here highly resolve that these dead shall not have died in vain.”

       Those words still resonate with us today. The challenge has been made, the torch has been passed. It is unequivocal—we have a solemn and sacred obligation to not only remember our fallen brothers and sisters, but to live a meaningful, significant, and purpose driven life. Let us ask today and always: Have we earned this? Are we living good and decent lives? It is my fervent prayer that all our lives contribute to the greater good, just as so many sacrificed their lives for it. 

I wish you a blessed, reflective and peaceful Memorial Day.

Your friend,


Greenlawn's Memorial Day Parade

Monday May 30th is Memorial Day. Join us for the fire department's parade and ceremony at Greenlawn Memorial Park to remember our fallen soldiers. Parade starts 9am from East Maple Rd and proceeds to the park. 

Meet and Greet the BOE Candidates!

Welcome Greenlawn Farms!

We are all looking forward to supporting this great new place right in the heart of Greenlawn! Visit their webpage to join their mailing list and keep up to date with this wonderful new store that will be opening this month!

Take Back Letter from Darryl St. George, GCA President

April 15, 2016

Greetings neighbors,

This past Wednesday Northport High School’s Project 72 along with neighboring school districts (Cold Spring Harbor, Commack, Kingspark and Walt Whitman) participated in the second annual student summit. Nearly one hundred people were in attendance with students, faculty members and the community continuing the conversation of how to best respond to the current substance abuse crisis. After the attendees had spent some time getting to know one another a speaker from “Michael’s Hope” shared his experience, strength and recovery battling addiction. The evening concluded with a “modified narcan (the medication used to reverse the effects of an opiod overdose) training.”

Wednesday night was only the first part of a larger campaign to combat the drug epidemic. As many of you may know, April 16th (tomorrow) Harborfields library will be hosting a drug take back from 10AM to 2PM. Please if you have any medications that you need to dispose of, now is the time to do it. On Wednesday April 20th, we will report back to the community the amount of drugs we took off the streets, the number of establishments supporting us in this endeavor and the number of individuals provided with the narcan training.

In doing this, we are working to make communities cleaner, safer and stronger. I ask you to stand with our schools, libraries, churches and civic groups. Together we can be the change we wish to see.

Your friend,


Suffolk County 2nd Precinct Community Meeting 

March 9, 2016 (10 a.m.)

Robert Rockelein, GCA Traffic and Safety Chairperson, will be attending March's monthly 2nd Precinct Community Meeting (website is here).  Robert attends these monthly meetings to communicate Greenlawn safety issues, find out about other potential issues in the community, and keep the lines of communication open between the GCA and the Suffolk County Police.  

Everyone is free to attend these meetings -- or residents can contact Robert via email (robertrockelein@aol.comwith any issues they would like him to bring to the meeting.  

Suffolk County Council Annual Scouter Recognition & Fellowship Dinner

Everyone is invited to attend.

Click here for details and a registration form. 

Letter from Darryl St. George, GCA President

January 22, 2016

Greetings friends,

As the impending snowstorm nears our community, let us be mindful of each other, particularly our neighbors that are most vulnerable. I would advise that during the brunt of the storm (last report Saturday morning into Sunday morning) you make every effort to stay in your homes. Now is the time to stock up and prepare. Speaking of preparation, I ask if you know of anyone in our community that may need assistance please contact me (my e-mail is and we will do what we can to coordinate with the proper individuals to ensure all are taken care of.

Beyond the storm, this Monday, January 25, we will be having a meeting at Harborfields Public Library 7:00 pm to discuss the developments on Lake Road and Pulaski Road as well as the BAE properties. We will have a representative from the developers and town officials in attendance. This will be a good opportunity for you to come out and ask questions while voicing any potential concerns you may have.

Lastly, I am excited to announce that on Tuesday, January 26, at Harborfields Public Library 7:30 pm, we will be having our first Community Outreach Committee meeting. This meeting will be a great occasion for different groups that are in Greenlawn already doing wonderful work to meet, share ideas and coordinate with one another to discuss how we can help each other in working towards our common goal of strengthening and reinforcing the already solid foundation of community in Greenlawn.

Be safe, stay warm and try to enjoy the snow.

Your friend,

Darryl St. George

GCA President

Community Meeting


  • Harborfields Estates (Corner of Lake and Pulaski) 
  • Greenlawn Road Traffic (Between Pulaski and LIRR Tracks)

The GCA is hosting a community meeting regarding the new development on Pulaski Road (between Lake Road and BAE) and the traffic on Greenlawn Road between Pulaski and the LIRR tracks (at and around the traffic light at the BAE entrance).  Town of Huntington officials as well as the Harborfields Estates developer (or a representative) will be joining to answer questions regarding the new development.  Please join this forum and bring any questions you may have.  

Letter from Darryl St. George, GCA President

December 30, 2015

Greetings Neighbors,

On Monday I stood with Doc Spencer as he announced that Mr. Richert, owner of the East-Northport IGA (which is at the corner of Larkfield and Clay Pitts) has decided to generously absorb the cost of the shuttle service for the residents of Paumanack Village. This is a positive development in the interim as we await the opening of a grocer. By now, many of you have probably heard that a Southdown grocer will ultimately be replacing Waldbaums. It is still unclear what will go in the remaining space and exactly what type of grocer this will be, but it is important to acknowledge that we have worked diligently with the town and County to ensure that a grocer would go in at this location and we will continue to work toward a positive outcome for the people of Paumanack, the businesses of the Greenlawn Shopping Center and the rest of the community.

I would like to take a moment to point out that this is an example of what we can accomplish when government at multiple levels (town and county) works with the Greenlawn Civic Association and private enterprise. Together, we can do great things for our community. I would especially like to thank Legislator Doc Spencer, Councilwoman Edwards and Councilman Cuthbertson for all their hard work.

On the note of gratitude, I would also like to point out that Mr. Gunther has been incredible in his commitment to Greenlawn and all the work the Town of Huntington Highway Department has done for us. We are deeply grateful for their tireless efforts.

As a reminder, our next Civic meeting will be Tuesday, January 5th. We will discuss a number of the above-mentioned issues and have invited the Highway Department to thank them. We also asked for the Second Precinct to attend and address a growing concern over the recent break-ins and hopefully introduce our new inspector to Greenlawn. This next meeting will be an informative and exciting meeting. I hope you will be able to attend.

May you have a happy and grand start to the New Year!

Your friend,


Christmas Letter 

from Darryl St. George, GCA President

No one knows exactly how it began, but in 1914 a miracle occurred amidst one of the most horrific conflicts known to man. Several months earlier, the young soldiers had marched off to the First World War, promising their mothers and sweethearts that they would be back for Christmas. But by the time Christmas arrived, it had become all too clear that the war was far from over. Nor was it even progressing; a bitter stalemate had set in.

Yet on the first Christmas Eve of the war, the firing stopped and it became eerily quiet. Then an incredible thing happened. The men began to sing Christmas carols. Bertie Felstead, a soldier who witnessed the Christmas Truce, later recalled, "You couldn't hear each other sing like that without it affecting your feelings for the other side." A German soldier challenged the British to come over to share a bottle of wine. Gradually, the men climbed cautiously out of their trenches, entered "no-man's land," and began to celebrate Christmas with one another. What a sight it must have been: Germans, French, and Englishmen—all of whom were trying to kill one another just hours earlier—now laughing, embracing, and at peace. Some played soccer with each other. It was said that they even exchanged addresses and promised to look each other up after the war. The next day they returned to the fighting.

It is an absurdly beautiful memory from a bygone era when the world was at war, and one could rightly ask, “What is the point? They continued to kill one another, why should it matter?” The answer: because it happened. It is a testament to mankind's capacity for love. Yes, we are able to invent poison gas and machine guns, but we are also capable of creating vaccines and cathedrals. We have the potential for hatred, but we also have the potential for love… The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it. Mankind is able to take pain and convert it into beauty. The story of the Christmas Truce of 1914 shows us at our best while at our darkest, and offers us a glimpse into our full potential.

As we get caught up in the frenzy of the holiday season, let us pause and reflect upon this powerful moment. The lesson it offers is especially timely today. Our world is once again immersed in conflict, and it is easy to identify those we see as our enemies. What is not so simple is the necessity of finding our common humanity. Perhaps it is best that we start within our community. Let us look at our neighbors and see them not as strangers but as family. Let us put our energies and efforts towards giving to those in need. This could be done with material things, or it could be done with a simple greeting, a smile, a hug, or a word of encouragement. In doing this we may begin to as Hamilton Wright Mabie suggested "engage the whole world in a conspiracy of love." May you have a very Merry Christmas and a blessed holiday season.

Pax et bonum,


Letter from Tracey A. Edwards, Town of Huntington Councilwoman, 

on Paumanack Village Grocery Options

Paumanack Letter 20151208.pdf

Letter of Thanksgiving from Darryl St. George, GCA President


Greetings friends,

A friend recently reminded me of this fact: President Lincoln declared Thanksgiving a national holiday in 1863. Let us consider this for a moment in its proper context. The Battle of Antietam was in 1862. The Battle of Gettysburg was in 1863. That was also the year of the draft riots. The Civil War caused the highest casualty rates we as Americans have ever seen. The nation was tearing itself apart. Yet amidst all the turmoil and sorrow, our president declared a day set aside for giving thanks.

It may seem odd to reflect on gratitude in the context of such pain and suffering. One could rightly ask, “Was it appropriate for President Lincoln to do this?” While so many Americans were experiencing such terrible loss and grief, was it fair to ask the people to consider their blessings? It may not have been fair, but it was necessary.

Experience has taught me that it is during times of trial and tribulation that we should focus our attention on the things for which we are grateful. As we count our blessings, it helps to put life in perspective, and offers us a better understanding of what is most important.

Thornton Wilder once stated, "We can only be said to be alive in those moments when our hearts are conscious of our treasures." It is when confronted with tragedy that one must acknowledge the gifts that are so often taken for granted.

Today we are faced with many difficulties and uncertainties. Let us acknowledge these challenges, and then step back and reflect on all that we have to be grateful for: our country, our community, our neighbors, our friends, and our family. As we contemplate these things, we may rightly conclude, as scripture has stated, "My cup runneth over." Our blessings far outweigh our plight, and as we adopt this positive attitude we can begin to see that all things are possible. I am especially grateful to be a part of the Greenlawn Civic Association and to call you all neighbors. On this holiday I pray that we see the good that is in this world and within each other. May you have a blessed, peaceful, and happy Thanksgiving.

In Gratitude,


Waldbaums Closure Letter from Darryl St. George, GCA President


Greetings Neighbors,

There has been a lot of confusion and apprehension over the fate of the Waldbaums in the Greenlawn Plaza (on Pulaski). With the closing of the Waldbaums store the business environment will be impacted, particularly the shopping center itself. We are especially concerned for our friends in the Paumanack Village. It is important for us to gain greater clarity on this issue so we can create an informed and united front.

This is what we know: Waldbaums has gone bankrupt, a corporation known as Shanghai Enterprises has purchased the lease, the property is owned by Federal Realty Investment Trust, which is managed by Sabre Realty, lastly, and most importantly, prescribed medications have been rerouted to CVS, which does deliver. Value Drugs has also been making daily deliveries to Paumanack Village.

Based on this information we recognize that this is a matter that must be closely monitored. We have begun to reach out to our local representatives, and all other officials associated with this situation. Moving forward we have discussed forming a committee of concerned citizens to coordinate a strategy. I strongly encourage anyone that is interested in becoming involved to attend our next GCA meeting, which is November 10th, at the Harborfields Public Library, 7 PM in the large meeting room. Councilwoman Edwards will be in attendance and will help to provide a better understanding of this situation. It is important that we get the facts straight and work together for what is best for our community, particularly those in most need. 


Darryl St. George


Join us for the Veterans Day Ceremony on November 11th

The "Vape Shop" opens in Greenlawn; but Spencer has something to say!

Just recently, the controversial shop for 'vaping' ("to inhale and exhale the vapor produced by an electronic cigarette or similar device") opened in Greenlawn just next to Value Drugs. At this past week's GCA meeting, Legislator William Spencer attended and he had this to say about it:

“We will do whatever we can to get it out of there, but we have to do it without breaking the law... I don’t want it there. It doesn’t fit in this community.”

Vapor cigarettes, also known as e-cigs, have been popular in the past year as an alternative to regular cigarettes, to help people wean off of them. But many teens have been getting their hands on them and it has become a large issue in the US, including their health risks, what goes in them, and how they're classified.

HACO Food Donations

The GCA is collecting food for HACO at each monthly meeting.  Currently the need is greatest for cereal, school snacks, and juice boxes!

A Message from GCA Traffic and Safety

In cooperation with the Town of Huntington and Suffolk County highway departments, the GCA is coordinating roadway and highway maintenance and improvement request submittals from GCA members. This will avoid duplication of requests and confusion on projects which may already be in the works. In addition it will provide more effective and efficient communication.

Please email Jeanne Hackett and Heather Connolly Granger for any traffic and safety issues, concerns, or needs. Alternately you can submit a question or request via the GCA General Inquiries page.

Vision Collection

The GCA is partnering with the Lions Club in their mission to help people with "vision" and we will now have a collection basket for usable eye glasses at our monthly meetings. Please bring your usable eye glasses to help someone else to see.


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